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Second Cousin Once Removed

Second Cousin Once Removed

Henry Atkinson’s life as an attorney is slow, predictable, and lonely, to boot, since their divorce left his ex-wife with custody of the kids. To fill the time, he’s taken up a hobby of genealogy, but it doesn’t do much to spice up his mundane routine.

Until the day he prods at a dead end on one of the branches of his family tree. Who is Shelley – a cousin he’s never met nor even heard of in years? Despite being warned to leave well enough alone, Henry continues his investigation of the man, though it yields little more than a disturbing criminal record that finally convinces him to drop the matter.

But Shelley is a man who doesn’t appreciate being looked for . . . and now he knows someone has been looking. Before he knows what’s hit him, Henry is propelled suddenly into a mayhem of ominous threats, mysterious strangers, and running for his life. Second Cousin Once Removed is a fast-paced sweaty-palm thriller that will keep you hooked until the last page.

Second Cousin, Once Removed, grabs you from the very first sentence and holds you until the end.”


“The book is witty as all get out and I am so here for it! Now, when I say action packed, I mean 0-100 action packed…”


“It’s surprising what a can of worms Henry opens when he tries to fill out his family tree in Second Cousin, Once Removed…”



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