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The Atkinson Series

Follow the familiarity of characters as they find themselves in deadly situations. The great thing about this series is each story can stand alone!

Life as I saw it 1969

“… A year like any other, different in a thousand ways…”

The Search for Charley Hudson

“…but he is soon dragged onto the hunt for a mass murderer.”

Prologue to Murder

“Henry Atkinson was waiting on a flight when he saw one victim fall out of a luggage carrier…”

Second Cousin Once Removed

“…I didn’t feel safe.. I had to get out of the office, and quickly at that too.”

The Perfect Trifecta

“… The race is on to keep the body count down…”

The Darkness of Daylight

“… He walked into offices, slipped a garrote around his victim’s neck, and pulled until they died…”

Good Friends, Family, and Murder

“…The University of North Carolina may be the Southern Part of Heaven, but Chapel Hill becomes the doorway to hell…”

There Weren’t Any Spiderwebs

“… When his daughter, Carolyn, And her husband Henry Atkinson, came to find him, they uncovered rot and decay, but no spider webs…”

9 Down is Dead

“…Herbert holds the position for two years, leaving a trail of once-inquisitive bodies in his wake…”


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