Book 1

Henry and Carolyn Atkinson lived a quiet life in the Finger Lakes region of New York. He was the scorekeeper for the local baseball league when he wasn't giving legal advice, while she charmed the locals and assisted him in the office.

When bodies begin to pile up in the church and on its fast-pitch team in Katy, Texas where his long estranged relatives live, Mr. and Mrs. A have to move quickly to unravel a deadly family story. An unfriendly pastor, an outcast handyman and a waitress don't always play fair in the investigation, as the race is on to keep the body count down.

Henry Atkinson was a patent attorney.  Divorced many years ago, he had settled into a bachelor's life. He had time to make a Family Tree. He even found a cousin he never knew he had.

Carolyn Trellis was an executive assistant referred to Henry by a dead man. Who was she, really? When Henry looked over his shoulder, he saw her. Why was she there? 

Shelley Garçon was Henry's cousin, a man with a strong sense of right and wrong. He brought that moral sense to work with him. Shelley was a serial killer, but only of people he judged to be riff-raff.

Shelley was looking for them. That wasn't a good thing. 

Book 2

The Atkinson Series

Henry Atkinson and his father-in-law, Fred, had a rocky relationship at best. But when the old man recognized the handiwork of a killer, Henry and Carolyn were drawn into the hunt. The killer was brazen. He slipped a garrote around his victim's neck and pulled, leaving no fingerprints. Why were these people murdered? Who was behind these executions?

The Atkinsons gradually discovered what linked the victims. Then a cop hired them to find the killer. So did a Vegas mobster. Now the killer has Henry in his sights. Cousin Shelley needed to step in. This was his specialty.

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

The University of North Carolina may be the Southern Part of Heaven, but Chapel Hill becomes the doorway to hell when one of Henry Atkinson’s closest friends is murdered. Then Carolyn is shot, and Henry and his lethal cousin, Shelley, deliver lessons of their own.

Fred Trellis went home to Laconia, New Hampshire to go fishing with a childhood friend. When a vile smell coming from an old house on the lake shore attracted them, they found the remains of a man hanging inside. Fred almost became the next victim. An old photograph that fell out of a book and was picked up by Marian Garçon seemed to be the key to evil. But how? Fred’s daughter, Carolyn and her husband, Henry Atkinson, have to pull it all together, as the body count rises